Roadmap Check: City Planning Commission

on May 21, 2014

Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the development and review of the Zoning Code Evaluation Report over the past ten months. Since the project launched in June 2013, hundreds of people throughout the City have given comments on the report at listening sessions, regional and virtual forums, and online. These comments have helped us form our recommendations to the City Planning Commission for how to move forward with this comprehensive zoning code revision. This is the first time that our collective work will be decided upon, which means that we have completed the first leg of this journey. This is a major milestone for recode:LA.


Where are we now?


City Planning Commission

This Thursday, the project team will go before the City Planning Commission (CPC) for the first time (First City Planning 
Commission meeting) to present the Zoning Code Evaluation Report and our recommendations. Staff will request that the CPC:
  1. Approve the inclusion of four identified policy directions currently in the Code Evaluation.
  2. Approve the inclusion of 30 concepts that are not currently in the Code Evaluation.
  3. Approve the Code Evaluation with the recommended staff changes.
  4. Recommend that City Council adopt the amended Code Evaluation.

After this meeting, the City Planning Commission will meet at a later date (Second City Planning Commission meeting) to adopt a recommendation that will be considered by the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management Committee.

If you cannot attend the meeting in person, you can still listen in on Council Phone: 213-621-2489.


What’s next?

Planning and Land Use Management Committee

After the CPC adopts a recommendation, staff will present a revised Zoning Code Evaluation Report and set of recommendations to the City Council’s Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee, which will adopt a recommendation for the City Council to consider.

City Council

After PLUM has adopted recommendations, they will be presented to City Council for consideration and a full vote to adopt a roadmap for how the new zoning code will be written.

Go Forth and Code

After the City Council has adopted a direction for recode:LA, the zoning code rewrite will begin. The new zoning code will begin to be written in a series of modules over the next four years. After each module is drafted, we will ask people to provide their comments. The first module will be the Downtown Code, which is currently scheduled for release sometime in the summer or fall of 2015.

The recode:LA team values your engagement in the biggest overhaul to the City’s Zoning Code since 1946. We will continue to integrate your feedback throughout this process. So keep letting us know what you think on MapIt and on our polls. Feel free to browse articles about different zoning topics that affect you. New content is posted weekly. So, most of all, stay on top of the latest happenings with recode:LA  through our website, Facebook, and Twitter. Together we’re on the way to making the City a better place. The next leg of this journey is right around the corner.