on October 07, 2015

Since you might not have had the chance to meet all the ZAC members in person, we thought it would be fun to feature short profiles on each to help you get to know them better. We'd like to introduce Noel Hyun, who also serves as the chair of the ZAC Jobs and Innovation Working Group.

Noel was born in New York, but moved to Los Angeles when she was a "wee little baby" and has lived here ever since. She grew up in Hancock Park, lived in Los Feliz for a time, and currently calls Larchmont Village home.

Noel Fleming on Iron Chef

While a student at USC, Noel lived downtown "during the time the Downtown Renaissance was happening and adaptive reuse was the big trend." This exposure sparked her passion for land use and zoning, and she soon found herself working for a land use consultant aiding restaurants and night clubs in navigating the City permitting process. Since this time, Noel’s work involved serving: on the administrations of Council Districts 11 and 13, as a budget advocate with former Mayor Villaraigosa, and as Director of Legislative Affairs for the Central City Association, where she handled their planning and land use policy for Downtown. She now works in the Real Estate and Land Use Department of Liner LLP, and assists land owners and developers through all stages of the entitlement and development process.

Noel's priority in re:code LA is to help simplify the entitlement process. During her time as a consultant for small businesses and in her time working for Council District 13, she consistently found that the regulations in the City of Los Angeles were out of date, "making it very difficult to get entitlements at any scale in the City." Noel states her goal as a ZAC member is to "streamline the process while maintaining the integrity of democratic input for each community." She also wants to represent her generation's interest "in walkability and livable communities in an urban context," and to plan for the changing nature of Los Angeles as the city matures.

In the rare times that Noel is not busy thinking about land use and development, she likes to relax at home with her two rescue dogs and travel to other cities.


While it’s useful to talk about the issues our City needs to resolve, it’s a bit more fun to talk about some of the things we all have in common: namely, our Angeleno culture.


If you were a tour guide for a day, where would you take a friend visiting from out of town?

“I would take them to two places. The first is I would take them for a Studio Tour at Paramount Pictures, because Los Angeles is known for, you know, the entertainment industry or showbiz. I would then show them the new Downtown and that is the historic part of Downtown that has come back to life.”

If somebody asked you to recommend a dish that could only be found in LA, what would you say?

“I guess Korean BBQ, both traditional and also Kogi, the fusion food truck that combines the food and the street mentality.”

Lakers or Clippers?

“Clippers. You know… traditionally they’re the underdog so I just naturally I want to support the underdog, but also, you know, obviously last season they went through a lot and it was really just kinda cool to see everyone come together and just get through it all.”

Frozen yogurt, gelato or kale?

“Kale . . . . Well, maybe Gelato too.” 



As you may already know, we selected our 21 Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) members to represent the diverse interests and various stakeholder groups of Los Angeles. Reading their biographies, you can see that each brings exciting viewpoints and experiences to the re:code LA project. The ZAC have been working closely with our team over the past few months, and have already had a valuable impact on the Zoning Code Evaluation Report that will now move forward to City Council.