How to MapIt

on February 10, 2014

Help guide the development of your neighborhood with MapIt. MapIt is a tool available by the re:code LA team that lets you add feedback, including text and images, to a specific point on a map of Los Angeles. It even works on your mobile device! Here is how ...

Step 1: Add a location

Once you are logged into your re:code LA account, click the "Submit feedback" link on the MapIt page. You will be taken to a form that, if you have location services enabled, will ask you if your current location is the one you want to use. Even if it isn't, you can enter the street and unit number where you want the pin added to the map.

Create map-based feedback with MapIt

Step 2: Upload your photos

MapIt even works on your phoneThe old adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" rings true with the MapIt feedback. See an intersection that could of been done better? Think a series of buildings work well with the neighborhood plan? We encourage each and everyone of you to show us as well as tell us your feedback. To upload photos simply click the "choose file" link in step 2 of the feedback form. You will be asked to upload a photo from your device. The form will accept up to 6 photos so try and give us your best ones!

Step 3: Start a discussion

Finally, in step 3 of the form we ask that you group your feedback into one of the available categories and provide a short description. Once you feel everything is just how you want it click "Add to MapIt" and you are done.

Comment, rate, and share

Don't forget to read through what other people are saying around the city. With your re:code LA user account you can comment and rate the feedback provided by other users. See something you like? Make sure others know about it!