A City with Vital Centers & Corridors

on March 27, 2014

Share your experiences of life in Los Angeles as it relates to topics covered in the Zoning Code Evaluation Report.  

Explore this week’s theme: Centers and Corridors


Centers of Vitality

Los Angeles holds a reputation as a global city, and rightfully so. Whether it’s for the scenic cityscapes, innovative industries, or diverse social interactions to be had, just living in Los Angeles exposes a person to a cross-section of the innumerable aspects of city life. Similarly, certain parts of our City serve as major centers of activity at the local or regional scale. These are places where people can live, work, go out, shop, and find other important services. They are the anchors that ensure healthy centers and corridors that match neighborhood values and meet changing needs.

Tell Us about Active Places and What Draws You In

Commercial areas may be comprised of buildings clustered along a particular street, corner, or entire downtown area. The forms of these individual buildings, however, can vary widely, depending on the character of the community they serve. For example, a commercial center near mostly offices may feature a business park and high-rise buildings with restaurants at street level. In contrast, retail stores serving residential areas may stretch along major streets with buildings pulled up to the sidewalk. We want to know how these important city centers can be strengthened.

What kinds of places do people gather in where you live or work? Does it occur at designated commercial areas? What aspects of particular places draw you in the most? How do you get there? Are these places accessible by foot, bike, public transit, or other ways of getting around? Does your neighborhood’s center need more parks and open space? Does it need more things to do? Does it need fewer things to do? Are your daily needs available near your home? Are these places within walking distance?

Think about these places, and share your thoughts on MapIt. Need an example? Below is a sample MapIt post of one of the places in the center of Hollywood: