A City of Distinct Neighborhoods

on March 12, 2014
The draft Zoning Code Evaluation Report debuted on recode.la last week. Starting now, share your experiences of life in Los Angeles as it relates to topics covered in the report.
Explore the first theme: Distinct Neighborhoods.


A City of Distinct Neighborhoods

Los Angeles is massive. It has so many unique neighborhoods and places that moving among them can feel like moving among different worlds. People who have lived here their whole lives will sometimes even tell you that they’ve never gone beyond a certain street or freeway underpass. We like our places. We get used to them. We become loyal to them. We don’t like other people saying bad things about them. And they become part of how we see ourselves as Angelenos. Protecting the diverse needs of these distinct neighborhoods is the main driver of planning for our City, which is reflected in the 35 community plans that comprise the larger frameworks outlined in the General Plan.

Tell Us About the Places that Matter to You

We want you to tell us about the places in the City of Los Angeles that matter to you—the places where you live, work, or spend your other time. Here are some questions to help you think about these places:

Is it easy to get around by car, foot, or bike? Do you feel safe and secure from danger? Are there enough opportunities for open space, recreation, and exercise? Do you like the way the buildings are designed? What about the spaces between the buildings? Is there anything that just doesn’t seem to belong with what’s around it? Does your neighborhood have a lot of history? Can you do what you want to do in your neighborhood? Are there the right amounts and types of services and amenities to meet your needs? 

Think about these places, and share your thoughts on MapIt or in the comments section below. Need an example? Below is a sample MapIt post.