A City to Call Home

on March 19, 2014

Share your experiences of life in Los Angeles as it relates to topics covered in the Zoning Code Evaluation Report.  

Explore this week’s theme: Housing Affordability & Diversity


A City to Call Home

Let’s be frank: the right kind of housing in Los Angeles can be expensive and hard to find where you need it. In some places, a vacant one-bedroom unit in a duplex for $1400 per month is practically a steal, and you better make an offer the same day it goes on the market or you risk losing it to someone else the next day. Sometimes the problem is the type of housing available in your neighborhood, in addition to its cost. Not every neighborhood needs all housing to be the same in size, appearance, orientation, or amenities. The City needs housing options that match the diversity and needs of the people who call Los Angeles home. The 2013-2021 Housing Element of the City’s General Plan, and the 35 Community Plans of the Land Use Element, set the policy to make this happen.


Tell Us about the Housing You Need, Where You Need It

We want you to tell us about the housing options available to you and your neighbors here in Los Angeles. People live in all kinds of places that meet all kinds of needs—from affordability and proximity to schools, to access to jobs, destinations, and other people. Think about the housing choices you notice and experience, and share your thoughts on MapIt.

Here are some questions to help you think about housing:

What types of housing are in your neighborhood—detached houses, apartments, duplexes, condos, townhomes, guesthouses, or something else entirely? Are there too many or too few types of housing in your neighborhood? Does your neighborhood have the right types of housing options that meet the needs of the people living there? Does your neighborhood have enough housing for everyone who wants to live there? Is the housing in your neighborhood too far, or too close to other places? Can you afford to live near the places you need to be outside of your home? Do you have access to transit that you need? Can enough people afford to live in your neighborhood?

Think about these places and share your thoughts on MapIt. Need an example? Here’s a sample MapIt post of a senior housing development built within the Echo Park Community Design Overlay District:Sample MapIt #2: a senior housing community in Echo Park