And the MapIt Winner Is..

on March 05, 2014

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our February sweepstakes!

The contest seeking to award a MapIt user during the month of February has come to a close. We received about 20 submissions in February with topics ranging from mixed-use buildings to car-free neighborhoods. Eligible participants were entered into an online random selector.

We are happy to announce that the winner is… LETSGOLA!

With the ban on plastic bags that took effect this January, the re:code LA team thought that a reusable totebag might come in handy. LETSGOLA can now transport their goods in this authentic City of Los Angeles totebag as they ponder ways to improve the zoning code. They will be contacted shortly with details on how to claim the bag.

LETSGOLA's entry was tagged to the Miracle Mile neighborhood. 

It discusses construction types and architectural design: 

"Wood-frame residential construction has come under criticism lately from some observers who believe these sites should be developed with taller steel/concrete structures. However, wood-frame construction is more affordable, which helps make the city accessible to a wider range of people. This should be a city priority. Zoning should not dictate what type of architecture is acceptable. Historically LA has allowed a lot of architectural innovation & this should continue."

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The February contest may be over, but MapIt is still going strong! Remember it the next time something about buildings -or the space between them- strikes you.