Make Money Online Without Investment

Make Money Online Without InvestmentYou still have records in the cellar or children’s toys that you can no longer use? Also books, pieces of clothing and old technical devices are goods, which can flush also still used one or other cent money into the own wallet.

Reseller portals buy up almost all conceivable products at a fixed price. If it must go fast, this is the ideal way to earn fast money with little effort. The classifieds portals, which are currently numerous in the emergence, offer sellers even better earning opportunities: advertise your goods in the area and sell after short periods of negotiation at the maximum possible price to interested parties.


Crowd-working is a new way of earning money on the Internet that anyone with an Internet connection can take advantage of. Companies and self-employed persons outsource certain work in order to have it carried out and processed by the “crowd”, i.e. freelancers willing to work. This can involve, for example, writing advertising copy, product descriptions or blog articles. But other types of tasks from other areas of work, such as the preparation of special photographs, are also conceivable.

Earn up to 15 euros per hour as a translator on the Internet

Translation services are currently in demand on the Internet as never before. The effective wage for a translator depends, of course, on the quality and length of the translated texts. If the jobs are completed quickly and reliably, translators have the potential to earn between 10 and 15 per hour for their online work.

Data entry

As a data entry clerk, your job is to organize and, if necessary, optimize specific data sets. This usually involves the digital preparation of data that already exists in paper form and now needs to be transferred to a network. This is of course realized via the Internet. The respective companies and businesses that offer such jobs usually realize the work via in-house software and are always looking for interested parties willing to work.

Rent apartment from private to private

Highly in the trend is up-to-date the private letting of dwellings. Whether it’s a luxury suite or just a student apartment that’s unoccupied for the duration of the semester break, apartment owners can rent out their own four walls to day trippers or backpackers for good money via various portals on the Internet. Particularly popular: the large German cities with tourist potential.

Couchsurfing – Be a private host

Couchsurfing is also organized through the medium of the Internet. Here, too, there are increasingly more portals on which exclusively those people advertise who have a room or sofa free, on which interested parties can rent for one or a few nights. The host offers its guests if necessary still another breakfast and a city guidance. This way, not only one or the other euro can be earned additionally, but also new acquaintances and friendships are often included.

Virtual secretaries

Many companies are forced to save space and personnel. What used to be done by a secretary can now be outsourced via the Internet. This can involve, for example, writing reports or coordinating appointments or managing telephone calls.

The virtual secretaries are connected via the Internet and work at flexible, agreed times or simply on a fee basis as needed. Various portals already advertise such vacancies. Earnings prospects: 8 to 15 euros per hour.

E-books are very popular

  • And the good thing is that they can be marketed with little effort and there are no material costs. Important: Find a niche for which there are many interested parties, but the selection of literature is still small.
  • This does not necessarily have to be a classic novel: Blogs in e-book format or individual guides or personal experience reports can also be marketed in e-book format.
  • The important thing is to engage in professional marketing and generate traffic. With a little luck, your own e-book will then become a sure-fire success. An example for an e-book: Binary Options Experience of a Trader with Insider Knowledge

Web design: Programming and maintaining pages

More and more often, self-employed people and start-ups whose field of activity is not exclusively in the online world are looking for willing online support to create websites and keep them up-to-date with new content. If necessary, the editing of graphic components can also be part of the “layman web designer’s” area of responsibility. What sounds difficult, however, is not so difficult today. With various CMS programs and online providers, almost anyone can create an almost perfect website with a few simple steps.

Get paid for online surveys

Quick money can be made by anyone who registers to participate in online surveys. However, prizes and other benefits are also possible. You do not need any qualifications to participate in the surveys. After filling out a questionnaire, you will be automatically selected to participate in a wide variety of surveys.

Earn money with Youtube

As a Youtube partner you have good chances to earn money with your own videos. As a Youtube partner, earning money also works through the traffic component. To generate this you should have an extraordinary, individual idea for a Youtube channel and implement it in an original and unique way.

Scientific studies

  1. Again and again, students are looking for diverse test subjects and participants in surveys and studies, which are carried out easily and quickly via the Internet, as part of final theses and projects.
  2. In principle, this is the same principle as participation in online surveys, only on a smaller scale.
  3. Many portals are already advertising for test subjects. Payment: Often above average, i.e. up to 2 euros for 5 minutes of effective working time.

Testing products and earning money on the side

Those who work as product testers not only earn money, but also save money because they no longer have to make their own investments in the respective products that they test. As a product tester, you are flexible and can apply for a product test on various portals. The jobs are usually awarded on the basis of internal selection procedures, in which the product tester who best fits the company’s concept is selected on the basis of personality traits that are queried.