re:code LA Zoning Advisory Committee Special Virtual Session

A substantial amount of information was presented and discussed during the September 2015 Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) meeting on the Draft Downtown Zones. The re:code LA team hosted a special repeat presentation for those members who were not able to attend through GoToMeeting on November 4, 2015. We are posting this overview of the new zoning system in case you haven't made it to one of our recent meetings. It will first be applied to Central City and Central City North and eventually to the rest of the City.

This meeting covers:

  • Previous code approach proposals
  • How the new zoning system works
  • Downtown policy direction that has informed the process
  • Examples of potential new zones
  • Next steps for the project

The presentation, draft code pages, and meeting notes are available for download in the September 2015 ZAC Meeting page.