December 2014

A graphic of the recode LA logo on black and white curtains revealing a model of downtown Los Angeles.

Peek Behind the re:code LA Curtain

Dec 18 2014
Body: Since the City Council weighed in on the Zoning Code Evaluation Report in September, you may (or may not) have noticed that we have been a little quiet. Well, a lot of exciting things have been... Read more
A graphic of a map with the text "we are here".

Roadmap Check: Zoning Code Evaluation Finalized, Go Forth and Code

Dec 17 2014
Body: Where Are We Now? Zoning Code Evaluation Report Finalized The project team has incorporated the feedback from the public, City Planning Commission, Planning & Land Use Management Committee, and... Read more

In Memoriam: Lark Galloway-Gilliam

Dec 04 2014
Body: We have just learned of the passing of Lark Galloway-Gilliam. Lark was a warm and passionate individual who was dedicated to the City of Los Angeles and its future, particularly with respect to... Read more

FrameWORK: Urban Form and Neighborhood Design - Part One

Dec 03 2014
Body: Our FrameWORK series on the Los Angeles General Plan Framework Element  is intended to introduce you to the citywide document that lays down the guiding principles for how Los Angeles will develop in... Read more
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