January 2014

Image of several City of Los Angeles General Plan elements. Source: https://www.ourla2040.org/background

Putting the Vision into Action: How Zoning Implements the General Plan

Jan 22 2014
Body: What is the General Plan? The General Plan functions as a community’s constitution for future development. Once adopted, the general plan becomes the foundation for all policies and day-to-day land... Read more

Types of Zoning Codes

Jan 21 2014
Body: In the early twentieth century, American cities looked much different than they do today. In heavily urbanized areas, houses, shops, and factories could often be found on the same block, and many... Read more
A photo of a June 1967 zoning map of the Eagle Rock area.

What Is Zoning?

Jan 09 2014
Body: Imagine you’ve been tasked with designing a new city from the ground up. How would you go about it? Where would you begin? You’d probably first want to decide where the streets would go—whether they... Read more

A Brief History of Planning & Zoning in Los Angeles

Jan 06 2014
Body:   Urban planning in Los Angeles has a rich history dating back to the original founding of Los Angeles. The following timeline details a few key planning milestones in Los Angeles which help to... Read more