Website re:launch!

on December 04, 2013

Welcome to the website re:launch! re:code LA is now more accessible from home and on the go. The new added features amount to the most digitally enhanced public outreach the Department has ever used. Coupling these new website features with extensive in-person outreach will advance the development of a 21st century code. The new website is organized into three sections:

  • Stay Informed - Come here for news. Recent Updates hosts the latest happenings. Upcoming Events enables direct copy of event information into your online calendar. Past Events keeps record of prior events. The Gallery holds multi-media content relating to planning in Los Angeles, ranging from photos of re:code LA events to info-graphics.
  • Respond Now - We’re listening! MapIt organizes your observations of how the Zoning Code has impacted neighborhoods, for better or worse. Snap a photo, share your thoughts, and start a discussion with others from any device. MarkUp will host documents available for public review and allows users to add and submit comments, or review other people's comments and provide a reply. Contact Us provides a direct line to re:code LA staff.
  • Learn More - Thirsty for more detail? About the Project details the re:code LA deliverables and timeline.  Zoning 101 provides background on zoning in Los Angeles. Resources links to other pertinent efforts, and Archives serves as handy access to re:code LA publications, such as past presentations and reports.

Tell us what you think! Look out for a future poll on your opinion of the new website features and layout.