Two Years and Counting ...

on June 12, 2015

Two years ago today we launched re:code LA, Los Angeles’s first comprehensive revision of the City’s Zoning Code since it was first adopted in 1946. We started with a simple mission statement:

A New Zoning Code for a 21st Century Los Angeles
To create livable communities, encourage sustainable development and foster economic vitality, we need a modern and user-friendly zoning code – we need to re:code LA.

Stay tuned for a new article on how we intend to meet our mission statement.

A photo collage of speakers at the re:code LA launch event.

Since then, the re:code LA team held several listening sessions, developed a Zoning Code Evaluation Report, held regional and virtual listening sessions, and confirmed our project objectives with the Zoning Advisory Committee, City Planning Commission, and City Council. With a direction locked down, the team went into production mode and has developed a framework for our new Code. We have also made significant progress in developing a new zoning system that changes the relationship between communities and our Zoning Code: instead of forcing communities to conform to our Code, we are seeking to create a Code that conforms to our communities. The new Code must allow for direct implementation of the wide variety of visions for our large and diverse City. We will be posting an article that describes this new zoning approach when it is finalized.

Below is a rundown of what we’ve accomplished to-date:

A photo collage of re:code LA public meetings.


1 Project Launch

5 Listening Sessions

1 Virtual Listening Session

7 Regional Forums

1 Virtual Forum

1 Historic Neighborhoods Conference

1 Equity=Opportunity Day

4 Hollywood Farmers Markets

1 American Planning Association National Conference

10 Neighborhood Council Meetings

12 Stakeholder Group Meetings

6 University Lectures

2 Think Tank Sessions

16 Zoning Advisory Committee Meetings

7 City Planning Commission Meetings

4 Planning & Land Use Management Committee (City Council) Meetings

A photo of a pumpkin with the re:code LA logo carved into it.

1 re:code LA carved pumpkin


1 Zoning Code Evaluation (2 Drafts)

4 Staff Reports

1 Listening Sessions Notes

1 Downtown Code Approach

1 Zoning Code Approach

New Web-Based Tools

Intial Project Website

Full Project Website

MapIt – Online map-based feedback system, enables users to upload photos and comments on a map

MarkUp – Online document-based feedback system, enables users to comment directly on our reports

Revamped Project Website (based on public feedback)

WebCode Alpha System – An early prototype of our new online, interactive Zoning Code

WebCode Beta System – Ready for testing by project staff in July

A photo of an LA APA award.


Award of Excellence for Innovative Use of Technology, re:code LA MarkUp & MapIt - LA APA (2015)

Award of Excellence for Public Outreach, Youth In Planning - LA APA (2015)


We can’t stress enough how much this effort will rely on an iterative process. Hopefully you have already seen how your feedback and participation has shaped our project as we move along, and that you continue to see this reflected in our future product. The re:code LA team has much more work ahead and will provide plenty of opportunities for involvement and feedback. Please keep up to date by visiting our website, signing up for our project updates, and following us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for participating in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we hope that we can continue to rely on your support.