Thank You For Your Time and Attention!

on May 15, 2014

Since releasing the Zoning Code Evaluation Report for public review on March 7, 2014, we heard a number of suggestions and ideas through the MarkUp system. We want to thank everyone who took the time to provide valuable feedback for this phase of re:code LA. A staff report, providing a synthesis of comments relevant to the Zoning Code Evaluation Report, will be presented to the City Planning Commission on May 22, 2014.           

We received a total of 320 public comments during this Code Evaluation period.

The chapters which received the most submissions were Housing Choice, Distinct Neighborhoods, and Transportation Choice. Whether personal stories or specific recommendations, your comments have shown a collective passion about the future and quality of our City. You’ve shared your thoughts about the compatibility, distribution, flexibility, accessibility, and diversity of our land uses, as they affect every resident and every sector. It’s clear to us how much you care about both your neighbors and neighborhoods. We will consider all of these issues as we move forward with a new Zoning Code that supports a better Los Angeles.

Zoning plays an important role in shaping outcomes and capacities for growth, citywide. The input we have received is helping us set the vision for how to draft the new code and the topics we need to address. Again, we thank you for participating in the Code Evaluation. We invite continued participation in re:code LA, and encourage you to stay in touch through our website, Twitter, and Facebook, where we post frequent updates and information.

If you’re just now discovering re:code LA, you may want to browse the articles we have written so far and, specifically, the Frequently Asked Questions.