A Strong Core

on April 23, 2014

Share your experiences of life in Los Angeles as it relates to topics covered in the Zoning Code Evaluation Report.

Explore this week’s theme: A Strong Core


A City With a Strong Core

From its role as the nightlife, shopping, and entertainment district of the City during the 1920s, to its struggle during the post-war suburbanization boom, and even up to its recent revitalization as a 24-hour neighborhood, Downtown Los Angeles has experienced a lot of change. A world city with a long history, it continues to grow as a major transit hub, employment and growth center, and tourist destination. Today, Downtown is the largest employer in Southern California, with City, County, State, and Federal employers in addition to commercial and industrial employers. As a major center, it also features cultural and arts institutions, entertainment venues, retail and restaurant options, and historic resources, and diverse residential neighborhoods. With recent revitalization and upcoming public transit expansion underway, Downtown is rapidly changing. As more people are choosing to live in this re-emerging and lively center, there is also a growing demand not only for housing, but also for a vibrant economy, full set of services and amenities, and better transportation options.


Tell Us About Your Relationship to Downtown

We want you to tell us about your experience working, living, or visiting in Downtown Los Angeles.

Do you live, work, or visit downtown for other reasons? What do you think about allowing vacant buildings to be retrofitted for use as residential, commercial or office space? What kinds of housing should be encouraged and where? Should tall buildings be concentrated in one area or allowed throughout Downtown? What services or amenities would you like to see in Downtown? Are the streets and sidewalks interconnected well enough that walking and bicycling are easy?

Think about these questions and share your thoughts on MapIt. Need an example? Here’s a sample MapIt post of a busy intersection in the Old Bank District.