Roadmap Check: Zoning Code Evaluation Finalized, Go Forth and Code

on December 17, 2014

Where Are We Now?

Zoning Code Evaluation Report Finalized

The project team has incorporated the feedback from the public, City Planning Commission, Planning & Land Use Management Committee, and City Council on the direction for re:code LA, and the Zoning Code Evaluation Report is now complete. We have posted the final report to our Project Downloads page and announced it on our homepage, Facebook, and Twitter.

Go Forth and Code

Now that we have posted the final Zoning Code Evaluation Report, work on the new Downtown Code and Citywide Zoning Code has begun. The Downtown Code is currently scheduled for release in the summer or fall of 2015. The Citywide Zoning Code will be released in modules (large "chunks") as they are completed. The re:code LA team and the City's decision-makers are working hard to provide opportunities to participate in the crafting of the new Zoning Code.

  • The Zoning Advisory Committee holds monthly meetings (open to the public) where it provides feedback on the various aspects of the new Zoning Code. This is an opportunity for you to listen in on discussions about early draft proposals.
  • Regional and Virtual Forums will be conducted as each module is released for feedback from the general public.
  • The City Planning Commission's re:code LA Subcommittee will conduct a series of public meetings to discuss best practices for zoning codes.
  • The PLUM Committee will continue to receive quarterly updates and consider specific proposals as they become available. It will also receive comments, and consider requests for changes, from other Council Offices.

Please visit our project calendar for the latest list of upcoming meetings.


Stay Involved!

All of the hard work and ideas that you have invested so far on this journey toward our new Zoning Code will be guiding our work for the next three to four years. The re:code LA team values your engagement in the biggest overhaul to the City’s Zoning Code since 1946. We will continue to integrate the feedback you provide on MapIt and polls throughout this process. Please stay tuned for more updates, browse through our articles about different zoning topics that affect you, and keep an eye out for new content weekly. The latest happenings with re:code LA are posted on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.