Roadmap Check: PLUM Moves Code Evaluation to City Council

on August 06, 2014

Where Are We Now?

Planning & Land Use Management Committee

At the August 5, 2014 Planning and Land Use Management (PLUM) Committee meeting, staff presented a quarterly report on the status of the overall project and introduced the public draft of the Zoning Code Evaluation Report (Code Evaluation) with the City Planning Commission recommended changes. After a brief, but substantive, discussion on the two items, PLUM decided to continue review and discussion of the Code Evaluation in Committee and to move the report forward as a special re:code LA presentation to update the full City Council. In the next few weeks we will be working with the Chair of PLUM, Jose Huizar (Council District 14) and Council President, Herb J. Wesson, Jr. (Council District 10) to set up a date and time.

If you missed the meeting, you can listen to the audio (this agenda item starts at 00:13:22) and download the presentation to catch up.

What's Next?

City Council

The Code Evaluation will be brought to the full City Council as a special presentation. Any discussion regarding changes to the report will be brought before the PLUM Committee.

Planning & Land Use Management Committee

After we have presented the Code Evaluation to the City Council, the PLUM Committee will continue the discussion, provide their own changes, and consider requests for changes from other Council Offices.

Go Forth and Code

After the PLUM Committee has approved the direction for re:code LA, the writing of the new zoning code will begin in a series of modules over the next three to four years. After each module is drafted, we will invite comments. The first module will be the Downtown Code, which is currently scheduled for release sometime in the summer or fall of 2015.


Stay Involved!

All of the hard work and ideas that you have invested so far on this journey toward our new zoning code are starting to pay off. The re:code LA team values your engagement in the biggest overhaul to the City’s Zoning Code since 1946. We will continue to integrate the feedback you provide on MapIt and on our polls throughout this process. Please stay tuned for more updates, browse through our articles about different zoning topics that affect you, and keep an eye out for new content weekly. The latest happenings with re:code LA are posted on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.