Public Forum Materials Available for Download

on March 22, 2016

We are in the process of unveiling the first components of our new Zoning Code! If you have been to any of our 7 public forums, you may be wondering how you can obtain the materials being presented at these events. Or maybe you haven't been to one yet, but are curious as to what you might expect to see.

We have posted all of these materials in our Project Files page, to give you a closer look or for you to share with anyone that may not have had the opportunity to attend:

  • Public Forum Flyer
  • Overview presentation
  • Information station boards
  • Forum Passport (information brochure)

If you already participated, thank you. If you're new, welcome! We look forward to your insights.

For more information on the Public Forums, this article will provide all of the key information. Our Upcoming Events page includes location, dates, times, parking & transit option information for each event.