How to Use MarkUp

on March 17, 2014

The MarkUp section lets you browse, download, and comment on draft documents at key phases in the project. This is a great opportunity to directly be a part of the re:code LA process.

If there is a draft document available, it will appear on the MarkUp page which is located in the Respond Now menu. Pick which draft you want to review and click the "Join the Discussion" button.


Step 1: Review a document

MarkUp Toolbar

The bar at the top of the document viewer allows you to navigate to different pages and sections and zoom in and out with the +/- buttons. If you would like a copy of a document section for offline reading, you can use the download button to get a PDF file. Lastly, the search bar feature highlights matching words in the document.


Step 2: Add your comments

Just like MapIt, you will need a re:code LA user account to use the public comment feature. Once you are logged in you can click on a point in the document to add helpful feedback to that line in the draft. Doing so will create a speech bubble icon for anyone else to also comment on the discussion you began.


Step 3: Provide feedback to other comments

As more people add their feedback to the draft document more speech bubble icons will appear. Clicking on these icons will bring up the comment and ongoing discussion thread about that line in the document. Feel free to join in other discussions and provide your unique feedback to the draft document.


Did you find this guide helpful? If so please comment below and let our team know your thoughts.