18 Animals That Understand Why We Need A New Zoning Code

on July 14, 2014

Zoning isn’t exactly the hottest buzzword these days, but it does have a major influence on the City of Los Angeles as we know and love it today. Thankfully, these adorable animals are here to help us express why LA is in such desperate need of a new Zoning Code.



The Zoning Code was last updated in 1946. Impressive, right?

An unimpressed dog taking in a scenic vista.


Since then, not only has it grown to over 600 pages ...

An animated gif of a rabbit falling asleep at a miniature computer.


... but it has also become increasingly confusing and ambiguous.

An animated gif of a dog trying to play fetch with a statue.


As a result, people find themselves utterly lost trying to navigate regulations and Zoning Code langauge ...

An animated gif of a cat rambling in confusion.


... and calling for help quite often.

An animated gif of a dog answering the phone.


The old Code isn't very friendly towards new uses and technologies ...

An animated gif of a dog on a Roomba scaring other dogs.


... and makes the path to approval as difficult as walking a tightrope.

An animated gif of a dog trying to balance on a chain.


On top of all that, conflicting language and "phantom" Code (official interpretations, memos, handouts, etc. that you should know to know about, but probably don't) usually means that what you read isn't always what it seems.

An animated gif of two mops that are actually dogs.

[Note: this sentence is intentionally confusing.]


These concerns have been the basis for re:code LA -- an endeavor to write a whole new code that's both useful and accessible for ALL Angelenos. Are you intrigued yet?

An animated gif of a sloth stroking its chin.


Our recent Code Evaluation included a number of important topics, such as: "A Healthy City", ...

An animated gif of two pugs running in a field.


... "Jobs and Innovation", ...

An animated gif of many cats using miniature computers.


... and "Transportation Choice."

A picture of two cats in a cardboard bus.


Instead of taking baby steps in finding solutions to such an archaic system ...

An animated gif of a chinchilla taking baby steps.


... and adding more constraints and site-specific regulations that make you want to pull out your hair...

An animated gif of a chipmunk grooming himself in slow motion.


... a comprehensive revision of the Zoning Code will enable the City to continue growing the way Angelenos see fit.

A time lapse gif of a puppy growing up.


Although the current Code has been an example for how to get things done the hard way for a long time ...

An animated gif of two huskies crawling behind a baby.


... this project offers an exciting opportunity for Los Angeles!

An animated gif of a dog suddenly looking up with a surprised look.


Please share your thoughts with us and check often for updates. We want to hear from you!

An animated gif of a dog giving a man a handshake.


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