Make Money Online With Google

Online diaries or so-called “blogs” are gaining more and more attention. People are now writing reports on a wide variety of topics. For example, vacation stays or the behavior of special products seen over time. The fact that the reading flow of blogs is increasing more and more indicates that this behavior will not abate in the near future.

Product tester

Some companies pay for simply testing their products. Anyone can apply and take advantage of this opportunity. Whether companies choose someone or not depends on a few factors. For example, whether one has access to certain media and can share one’s experiences regarding the product with others. Whether products are tested regularly or rather infrequently also affects the compensation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new smartphone or a new kitchen mixer: Today, product testers are being sought for almost all product categories. Everyone has the opportunity to apply online on the respective platforms and, with a little luck, will be selected. Oh yes: The products to be tested are usually even available for free or the testers are allowed to keep them. One tip is to only search for jobs for product testers via the platforms, but also via relevant company websites, which increasingly also advertise such requests in person.

Online secretary

  1. Some companies outsource some tasks, for example when reports need to be written, phone calls need to be made or data needs to be processed.
  2. As a virtual secretary, you basically work like a real front office worker, with the difference that these tasks can be handled from home via telephone and Internet.
  3. Of course, the salary depends on the tasks to be performed and the qualifications brought to the job.

Game tester

The dream of anyone who loves the video game scene – getting paid to gamble. When certain video games are still in the final stages of development and are about to be released, these games are sometimes sent to individuals to gather initial subjective opinions and to see if the game is broadly enthusiastic. The whole story is evaluated via questionnaires, which in turn go back to the developers. The compensation depends on the game itself and, of course, the company that develops it.

Many software and game companies are looking for testers who are willing to test various games even before their official launch. After testing, it is necessary to evaluate the games in writing or to describe their own experiences. The developer companies prescribe exactly which points should be tested and evaluated. The remuneration for the work as a game tester is usually agreed upon individually.

Writing e-books

Books are partly falling into the background due to advanced technology and new innovations. So-called Kindle are the new generation. More and more internet users who are talented in writing earn money with their own eBook. The eBook has one big advantage: anyone can write it and it doesn’t have to be published by a publisher. Moreover, at best, the author gets all the profit because he has no material costs and can organize the marketing himself.

  • Digital books consume only a small amount of memory and thousands can be stored in one device.
  • By writing some texts even private persons can earn proud sums.
  • Whether it’s a novel or a thriller, the bottom line is that it has to be bought and read.
  • For passionate story writers, this method is a real goldmine.

Banner advertising

Creating banners for websites is one of the most common PR types. These banners don’t need to be big, but they need to attract attention. Clicking on these banners already earns money. Some providers pay sums of money for these virtual advertising boards.

Paid mailer – online pocket money with little effort

Many people do not believe that they can earn money just by receiving e-mails. Simply sign up with a paid mail provider and receive advertising that is personally tailored. In most cases, you confirm that you have read the mail by clicking on a link. The amount promised is then credited. Of course, no one can check whether the mail has actually been read in full!

Turning your talent into money

If you have a very specific talent, you should think about creating your own video channel on YouTube. It doesn’t matter if it’s a special skill that is demonstrated via video stream or if online courses are offered in certain areas: If traffic to the video channel demonstrably skyrockets, advertising can be served and money can be made from each visitor who views the video.

Make money as a proofreader at home

The Internet makes it possible to offer your services as a proofreader online almost anywhere. If you are linguistically well trained and stylistically confident, you can start immediately and work as a proofreader. Especially in the field of education, people are always needed who are able to proofread texts or give suggestions for improvement.

The current copyright law stipulates that texts from the Internet may not be copied 1:1. However, it is possible to rewrite texts, for example by exchanging words or changing sentence positions. If the text is unique, the customer pays up to 2 cents per word written.

Answer surveys online and receive money per survey

Many organizations, companies and businesses are always interested in personal opinions. Everyone can earn money with his opinion. If the individual personality fits the criteria that the respective companies require from the people to be surveyed, the person in question is written to and asked to take part in the respective surveys in return for a payment.