BDSwiss Review

bdswiss review

Since when does the broker BDSwiss exist? This young forex trading company was founded in 2012. Since then, traders from all over the world have the opportunity to trade with a variety of underlying assets.

  • Account (from) 100 €
  • Leverage (max) 400:1
  • Spread: 1.2 pips
  • Regulated: yes
  • Demo account: no

Headquarters and the relevant regulatory authority

  • Cyprus is the headquarters of this company, which is also regulated in the EU by the regulatory authority located there.
  • Since the regulatory authority has firm regulations, the clients are guaranteed of the seriousness of this company.
  • Thus, the traders can engage in forex trading without any restrictions.

Minimum deposit at BDSwiss

The minimum deposit of one hundred euros ensures that traders find a favorable entry into binary options trading and can thus familiarize themselves with the matter. With this deposit, the world of currency trading is open to traders and they can ensure optimal profits through a wide variety of options. This low minimum deposit allows anyone to trade binary options.

Minimum trading amount

With a minimum trading sum of only five euros, traders can make the first bets in forex trading to gain a first insight into the different options. With this favorable introduction, traders have all the options available which the brokerage house offers.

Maximum return with BDSwiss

  • A return of 89 percent increases the profits of traders in an optimal way.
  • In the High Yield area, traders are offered a return of 500 percent, which they can achieve if they venture into the riskier options.
  • This of course increases the profit many times over. But this also makes trading binary options even more interesting.

Maximum payback

With a ten percent repayment of the stake in the event of a loss, the trader is provided with optimal support from the broker. Thus, the loss is not too high and the traders have the chance to dare further bets. A payback in this amount is offered at very few trading platforms and guarantees the trader a certain level of security in his trading activities.

Mobile trading possible at BDSwiss?

The broker BDSwiss offers its traders through an app, the chance that they always and everywhere have access to the binary options and can act at any time with their actions. The app ensures that all types of trades can be made and also the management is given via the smartphone.

  1. The trader has the so the opportunity to always have an insight into his transactions and to support them by an immediate intervention.
  2. So no trader is more dependent on a PC and can also use in his spare time and on the road an insight into his foreign exchange transactions.
  3. All Android smartphones can be used and iPhones and iPads can also be used for this purpose. This way, no trader is at a disadvantage and can monitor all actions day and night and access them immediately when there are favorable offers.

What underlying assets are provided?

At BDSwiss you can choose from over 170 underlying assets. Underlyings can be stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. For beginners, it is best to focus on a specific underlying and absorb everything that is available on the market for this underlying and analyze it accordingly. If you choose too many underlyings, you will easily lose overview and will rather fail.

Do I need to install any software?

The advantage is that you do not need to download any software on your computer. The whole trading platform of the broker is web based, so you are not bound to any specific requirements like processor or operating system.

What is the risk?

Anyone who claims that binary options are not risky is simply not telling the truth. Binary options and generally all speculative financial instruments are risky. On the other hand, of course, just such high-risk types of trading are extremely lucrative. So you have to decide for yourself whether you want to take the risk or not. However, do not make the mistake of trading with money that you might consider more important.

Trading types

Through the brokerage house, the trader has very many options to engage in trading foreign exchange. There are different options available which provide optimal profits and make the stakes exciting and the 500 percent return on traders again take center stage. This guarantees incredible profits, but also requires a willingness to take risks. For example, the One Touch function is available, which requires the trader to predict the outcome of the action. With the Ladder function, a certain knowledge and experience of the trader will ensure a profit because with this option the value is divided into five price points. If the trader is also correct here with his forecast, then the trader sees from the yield which profit he has achieved. Also the time function which is staggered in 60 seconds, 30 and 60 minutes as well as in 24 hours offers the trader different possibilities of the trade with the basic values. All options also offer the chance of the five hundred percent return. These promotions are suitable for the new starters as well as the professionals and promise profitable earnings with the right bet. But in order to reach the yields likewise courage to the risk is in demand also with the one or other trader. There are hardly any limits to the opportunities when trading with foreign exchange and can be carried out in many variations.

Tradable assets at BDSwiss

With the assets, the broker BDSwiss has provided its traders with a selection that is also not found on every trading platform. On the one hand, the majors can be used that cover the entire Forex range. This includes, for example, a variety of currency pairs such as EUR/USD and many more. Indices are also on offer and provide good profit income with the well-known values such as the DAX and the Dow Jones or Industrial Average. But also the gold and silver prices inspire the traders and also the commodities like oil and coffee or grain offer the most different possibilities for trading activities. A total of 171 underlying assets are available through the broker BDSwiss which help the traders to make rich profits. With this platform, traders have a choice that is accepted by newcomers as well as professional traders. These options guarantee successful bets, high returns and handsome profits.

Customer service

  • The support of the broker BDSwiss provides customers with all forms of contact options. On the one hand, the live chat offers a quick contact and also by e-mail the trader has the opportunity to contact the support.
  • By phone, the customer will also quickly reach one of the helpful employees and an answer to important questions or the solution of an existing problem is thus nothing in the way.
  • The customer service of this broker is available to traders without restriction 24/7, i.e. around the clock.

BDSwiss Conclusion

The minimum deposit is only 100 EUR and the minimum trading amount of only 5 EUR is also very convenient for beginners. BDSwiss is subject to a supervisory authority in the EU. In advance, it can be stated that this broker brings everything you need as a beginner and distinguishes a reputable provider. You can open an account with BDSWiss relatively quickly, you only need a permanent residence, a bank account and must be over 18 years old. Afterwards, the deposit is still necessary, which currently amounts to 100 EUR. This small amount is especially interesting for beginners. With other brokers, this amount is often many times higher. The support is generally quite fast and was able to answer all questions during our test. If there are more specific topics, it may well be that you will be informed about it later by e-mail if the consultant in the call center does not know an answer directly.

At BDSWiss you can trade “binary options”, “pairs”, “long”, “60 seconds”, “one touch” and “ladder options”. Probably the most common form of trading is “binary options”. Here you first choose an underlying asset, such as Euro/US Dollar and determine an expiration time for this option. Finally, you put in an amount and wait for the option to expire. After the expiration you will receive your return if you were correct with your prediction. If you have predicted the value incorrectly, you will of course come away empty-handed. In various forums you can often read the accusation of fraud or rip-off against BDSWiss. In most cases, however, it is only frustrated traders who want to vent their anger. Sometimes, however, it is also direct competitors who try to put other brokers in a bad light in order to pick up more new customers themselves. Please always be skeptical when reading testimonials on the Internet. In most cases, these are not objective reports.

We have been active as traders at BDSWiss for some time and have not yet had any negative experiences with this broker. Should this change, we will report on it here in a self-explanatory manner. The duration of binary options can be very different, depending on which trading type they choose. This goes from a few seconds to several weeks. A blanket one can not give now, however, they must gather their own experience to determine which term is best for their strategy. The minimum deposit at BDSWiss is 100 EUR and the minimum stake is five euros. However, the lowest possible minimum stake is not possible for all types of trading, but only for certain types. However, this is not only the case with BDSWiss, but basically with binary brokers. If you have not yet made any experience with binary options, then it is best to always choose the minimum stake first and so you can trade many more options. In principle, you should not trade more than a certain percentage of your deposit and strictly adhere to these rules.