5 Tips to Shop Safely Online

Thousands of people shop online every single day, and if you are one of those people or plan to join in on the bandwagon in the future it is imperative that you are shopping online safely.

While there are tons and tons of legitimate online shops out there, scams are also a part of the mix and a concern that you must protect yourself from. Take a look at these 5 tips for shopping safely online and never again worry about these scams or hassles.

1. Shop Trusted Sites

Shopping with sites that you are familiar with will reduce the chances that you will be involved with a scam or other hardship. A good site to check these things is TrustPilot.

2. Use a Pre-Paid Debit Card

For less than $5 a pre-paid credit or debit card can be purchased and loaded with the amount you choose. Using it online when you shop eliminates anyone from finding out your bank account or real credit card information. Most online retailers accept pre-paid cards.

3. Secure Browsers Only

When making an online purchase, ensure that the website is encrypted. This is easy to determine. Simply look at the top bar on the page with the web address. it should start with https://, rather than simply http://. The extra ‘S’ is also accompanied by a lock. This is a sign of a secure website.

4. Use a Strong Password

A strong password reduces the odds someone will figure out your password and access your accounts.

5. No Shopping with Wi-Fi

Do not shop online when using a wi-fi spot or other public domain. This information is far too easy to crack through.