Ways To Make Money Online For Beginners

Ways To Make Money Online For BeginnersThe Internet is increasingly becoming a virtual living space. Purchases are made, goods and material items are acquired, friends are made, social contacts are maintained. It is like a second virtual world in which we are immersed more and more.

Therefore, it is not surprising if more and more people also try their luck to earn money online and it doesn’t seem to be that hard either. It is definitely not a science. But what ways and opportunities does the World Wide Web offer someone who wants to make a little extra money via the Internet? The Internet is like a universe, so infinitely rich in possibilities. Therefore, you can actually do anything you want. But how can money be made from it? Some key methods have already been established and seem to be promising. Let’s take a look at them together.

First of All: Beware of dubious offers to earn money fast!

Not every opportunity to make money online for beginners that is revealed and offered on the Internet is also a really serious one. Especially in the field of foreign exchange trading there are many black sheep who only want your money.

1. Paid Surveys

Online surveys are at the forefront. Anyone who participates in an online survey earns cash coins. Another advantage is that it’s all about personal opinion, not qualification. In addition, you are very flexible in terms of time and can give your opinion when you feel like it.

These online surveys are conducted at regular intervals by various market research institutes and ask for opinions on a wide range of topics. By participating, the money rolls in and your wallet fills up. What do you have to do? Quite simply. You register with one of the numerous market research institutes. They then send invitations to the individual surveys via email.

Each survey brings money and a nice extra income. The remuneration depends on the length and the topic of the survey. In principle, however, up to 15 euros can be earned per survey.

Paid surveys are among the most popular and easiest ways to earn money online while working from home. The earning potential is sufficient for a little pocket money on the side if you participate regularly, plus no special qualifications are required.

  1. Companies initially commission survey portals to conduct them.
  2. These portals recruit participants, who usually receive points per survey, which are offset by a monetary value. When registering, participants provide some personal data, but this always remains anonymous. They help the survey portal to assign a suitable survey, because each survey has a specific target group.
  3. Finally, when the payout amount is reached after participating in several surveys, the earned amount of money is transferred to the participant’s account or paid out in the form of a voucher.
  4. Such surveys are used for market research purposes. Therefore, it only makes sense to provide as much accurate information about yourself as possible, so that you get the chance to participate in surveys frequently.
  5. The more details you provide, the more likely you are to be recognized as part of a relevant target group.

2. Test Products

Companies need testers for their products. This has now also become established online. Earning money as a product tester is a lucrative side job that not only improves your wallet, but also gives the tester the pleasure of getting to know and testing new products.

Tester portals for earning money on the Internet from home work similarly to the well-known tester apps for smartphones. In this case, however, you work on the desktop of a computer and test not apps, but applications for the computer. Often these will be services, more rarely PC games such as browser games. After testing an application in detail, the user is presented with a series of questions on the tester portal that they must answer.

  • This first evaluates whether he has been thorough enough by asking questions about the application itself. If these answers are correct, participants can give an opinion.
  • Once the payout value is reached, one can have the earnings transferred to their account.
  • Tester portals are much rarer than the popular work-at-home apps.
  • Also, one is more likely to get more frequent jobs with an app.
  • However, if you only have a computer, you will certainly earn a nice extra income with sufficiently complete information about yourself.

3. Rent Out Your Room

Room Sharing is Charing and if eh the apartment is empty, then someone else is happy that he can rent and book it at a low price. If you are on the road a lot, you can give pleasure to numerous short term tenants. The whole thing works through advertised online platforms.

4. Work As A Proofreader And Translator

If you enjoy language, you can find a good side income. The demand is great. If you have the right qualifications, you are guaranteed a job. If you don’t have any, it takes a little while to build up a customer base. A typical hourly wage is about 10 to 15 euros.

5. Sell Items And Quickly Make Money

The keyword is Ebay. The former swap meet has mutated into a major sales platform. But even here, items from your own household that are not yet needed can be sold at a lucrative price. In addition to Ebay, there are numerous other platforms and also Facebook groups.

6. Data Collection And Gathering

A laborious and meticulous task, but how could it be done better than from home? Most of the time, data needs to be digitized. Typical such data collections are profit notices, old state registers and the like.

7. Virtual Secretary

  • Virtual secretaries work from home and support a company in many areas.
  • They work on those tasks that can be outsourced from the immediate business by means of the Internet.
  • Such tasks can include writing texts as well as handling central telephone calls and processing data records. The payment refers to 6 to 15 euros – depending on the task field.

8. Be Creative And Write Your Own Ebook

Writing a book is something many people do, and some of them turn their dream into reality. In the past, you had to deal with publishers and book houses, but today you are autonomous and can publish your own eBook online and also sell it. You are even free to choose your own topics.

9. Game Tester

Yes, this is how life is fun. With a good game that still helps you earn money. If you are a game tester and you test and rate the game before it is launched, you can fix the bugs, suggest improvements and earn a whole chunk of money in the process. Not to forget the incredible fun factor.

10. Web Design

If you are creative and know the techniques, you can find numerous jobs online to earn money through your graphic designs and web designs. Whether it’s a layout for a company or a logo for an NGO, those who are creative have opportunities.

11. Create a YouTube Channel

Youtube is also becoming more and more a source of money. If you have a good video, you get paid per click and these can run into the millions. So, why not think about a cool Youtube video?

12. Usability Tester

Here you can test the latest websites, programs and apps. On what? On their usability and operation. The tests are conducted before the apps, programs and websites are launched. In addition to the test itself, the tester must also write a short commentary.

13. Make Money With Apps

You can also earn money through apps. The most common tasks include tests of other apps, websites and applications, and taking pictures of places where you are at the moment. However, the latter is now becoming less common again.

A smartphone or tablet PC with mobile Internet capability is a prerequisite. If you want to download larger apps and applications that you want to test, you should make sure you have a WLAN connection, otherwise you could use up your mobile data volume.

Most of the time, such apps will ask questions about the tested application during tests to prove that you have really looked at it. If one does not answer these questions correctly, there is no payout for the task. So, a few minutes of time should be set aside for the application.

Apps for home work on the Internet also like to work with awarding points to pay for a task. The points have a monetary value that is credited to the user’s account. When a payout sum is reached, the money can usually be credited to the bank account; payout as a voucher is rather rare in an app for earning money.

14. Create a Blog

If you can make money with your own website, you’ve got it made. If the traffic is right, then the money is right. The more visitors, the more money. If you are creative and appeal to the masses with your topics, you will quickly succeed. But be careful. What a blog needs above all is one thing: regular posts, otherwise readers will quickly lose interest.

How To Make Money Online For Beginners?Whether it’s the old video recorder, a worn-out smartphone or pants that no longer fit: there’s nothing that can’t be turned into money on the Internet. Various portals make it possible to place ads online and thus make everyone in the vicinity aware of the used products. In many cases, the products can be monetized on the same day.

15. Translation Services

Translation services are currently in demand as never before. Up to 5 cents can be earned per word with professional translations. This means that translators can earn up to 20 euros per hour. Image editing or the creation of websites are also services that can be offered. In this area there is a large clientele, which falls back on these offers!

16. Selling Papers And Seminar Papers

Popular among trainees as well as students and pupils: selling papers they have written themselves. This can be a thesis or simply a presentation given at school or at a training center. Many portals offer the possibility of offering the work at a fixed price. The sale works online, i.e. via a download.

17. Writing Hotel Descriptions And Reviews

If you have been around a lot, you can earn quite a bit of money with hotel descriptions and reviews. Hotel visitors should simply look on the text platforms: Many hotels pay cash for the detailed, positive representation of the stay in their house or reward, for example, with a voucher.

18. Copywriting

It’s hard to believe, but classic home-based work still exists. A large part of this home work is now also provided or mediated via online platforms. It can be the classic folding of decorative elements or the screwing together of ballpoint pens.

If you can write well, you’ll be happy to know that as a copywriter and content writer, more and more online platforms are establishing themselves that allow you to write from home (or while traveling). The client places the order, a writer accepts it. The process is very simple.

How do copywriting portals work?

Sometimes you don’t need any qualifications or special skills for home work on the Internet, but in other ways they can bring a lot. This is the case with copywriting portals, where you can earn money for creating individual texts. To earn money in a copywriting portal at home, you should be able to write with pleasure and well. Confidence in the German language is mandatory, good to very good knowledge of another language can also prove useful.

Registration usually begins with the preparation and submission of a short sample text. Prior to this, new participants do not have access to assignments. This sample text is checked by a member of the copywriting portal staff, who gives it a quality rating. Almost every copywriting portal recognizes 4 to 5 quality levels and pays copywriters accordingly. The better a copywriter writes, the more he earns on his texts.

Some people find words without thinking about them and it reads great. Those who are looking for the opportunity to earn a few euros on the Internet and like to write a bit, could use this talent. There are some websites where assignments on various topics are available, so to speak. These can be accepted and edited by authors, there is a time limit, a description of the assignment and at the end in the best case a fee. This principle is called text broking.

Accepting and editing orders

The principle of text broking is actually the same for all known providers. First of all, you have to register as a writer and show a little of your talent. You often write a sample text. The next step is that a classification takes place. After this, there are concrete orders in a list. From this list, one chooses the one that fits the topic, seems interesting and brings the most money. A time limit should also be taken into account.

Selecting orders

It is strongly recommended to read the job description. Can you really fulfill what the client wants? You should only choose texts that you know about or that are easy to research. You edit, submit, and either have to get through an editor or just hope that the client likes the text.

  1. Those who diligently follow the principle just described can earn quite respectable sums within a short time.
  2. With a low ranking on the website, the amounts of the individual orders are not particularly convincing, but even with an average ranking, it could be quite possible to earn ten euros or comparable sums per text.

A tip about the process

It is best not to choose only one such website to write texts. One registers with several and looks where the most interesting orders wait. You will realize after some time where the fun is the most. Then you should show a certain regularity.

Staying on the topic of writing texts, if you are really talented, you could write your own book. Nowadays it is very easy to distribute, you don’t have to have it printed (keyword e-book). Or you can have it printed at well-known websites in the exact number as there are orders. In this case, you don’t get paid for writing, but you have to invest a lot of time first. You should also not expect to get rich, but maybe one or the other reader is interested.

One can write a book however also after order. There are also websites for this. There are also forums for authors to recommend. Different orders to the most different topics are offered there and one can negotiate immediately its fee.

Offer a special field

If an author has a particular specialty and would like to write about it, he could use the opportunity to offer it on suitable websites. Perhaps there are even advertisements there looking for an author who deals with a particular topic. These possibilities exist. The fee can be negotiated directly with the client.

19. Dropshipping

Another possibility for authors is to have their dropshipping business. This can deal with one or more topics. If it is a topic that also interests others, there could be the possibility to advertise through banners and earn money.

  • A reader of the blog clicks on a banner and is redirected to a website. So start and earn money easily? No way, it takes months of hard work to make a blog popular. Nobody gets anything for free!
  • Here, however, it is advisable to choose a website that is very much in focus.
  • Larger department stores on the Internet offer the possibility to sell goods and not from the offer of the “department store” but privately. To do this, you have to register and then receive the orders by e-mail.

20. Crowdsourcing

How To Make MoneyThe situation is different with crowdsourcing platforms, for example. Not only are there a lot of tasks to be found there, but you can also earn profits in the single-digit euro range by completing individual tasks.

If you participate diligently on such a portal, you can accumulate a small additional income within a few weeks. These portals also have payout limits, but they are reached more quickly. However, it is not possible to generate a main income, because even with a good order situation and the use of several crowdsourcing portals, “only” three-digit profits per month are usually possible.


What do I need to make money online as a beginner?

For home work on the Internet, in addition to a sufficiently fast Internet connection, you need a computer with a browser installed. If a download is required, the hard disk should have some free space. As a rule, the PC does not have to meet any special requirements in order to work on it. Newer providers require the possession of a smartphone to download an app. This smartphone must be Internet-enabled and often needs mobile Internet, since money-making tasks must be done on the go. Depending on your income, you may need a business registration to work from home on the Internet. Theoretically, even small amounts of euros would have to be declared on the tax return, so a real income must be taxed in any case. The best advisor in this case is a tax consultant.

How much money can be earned working from home?

Earning money on the Internet works – the only question is how much. Frequently found are paid surveys or apps that ask the user to take photos of a certain environment, for example. The earnings per completed task are in the cent range. With such models, payouts are only possible once a certain amount has been earned. For this reason, these methods are at best suitable for earning a little pocket money on the side – even if you participate actively.

How to distinguish dubious from serious offers?

The rule of thumb is information

How detailed is the method of money acquisition described? Do you receive detailed information or is the information rather vague and inaccurate? If they do not feel satisfactorily informed, they leave the fingers of the offer. Your gut feeling will not disappoint you.

Trust is good Control is better

This is the second rule. If you want to work with a company, you should take a closer look at it. What is its reputation like? What do other online users say about the company? What information can be gained about the company? At the end of the day, it’s the same here: Listen to your own gut feeling for the final decision.

Read reviews

Along with your own information gathering about a company, you should also believe the reviews of other users. They usually reflect the average opinion of the masses. If one reads the comments intensively, one recognizes also relatively fast, to what extent it concerns a genuine and authentic contribution or not. But what ways and possibilities are there now to earn money from your own desk? In the following some of the best possibilities are presented.