July 2014

FrameWORK: Land Use

Jul 31 2014
Body: We recently unveiled FrameWORK, our new series on the Los Angeles General Plan Framework Element. Just for a refresher, the Framework Element serves as the preamble to the City’s General Plan, and... Read more
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A photo of Sharon Commins


Jul 23 2014
Body: Since you might not have had the chance to meet all of the ZAC members in person, we thought it would be fun to feature short profiles on each to help you get to know them better. We'll start by... Read more
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A graphic of a puppy telling people to visit recode.la

18 Animals That Understand Why We Need A New Zoning Code

Jul 14 2014
Body: Zoning isn’t exactly the hottest buzzword these days, but it does have a major influence on the City of Los Angeles as we know and love it today. Thankfully, these adorable animals are here to help... Read more
A graphic from at 1938 City Planning Commission report depicting the Zoning Status throughout Los Angeles.

Zoned into Mediocrity: How the 1946 Code Keeps Los Angeles from Reaching Its Potential

Jul 08 2014
Body: A guest contribution by Dr. Andrew Whittemore Los Angeles’ current Zoning Code largely represents the efforts of homeowners’ groups, in the decades after World War II, to protect a concept of good... Read more