June 2014

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Roadmap Check: City Planning Commission Approves a New Code Direction

Jun 30 2014
Body: Where Are We Now? After three meetings with thorough discussion, the City Planning Commission (CPC) approved the staff-recommended actions and moved re:code LA one more step forward. On Thursday,... Read more
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FrameWORK: Realigning the Zoning Code with Our Vision

Jun 26 2014
Body: Our new series "FrameWORK" will be exploring links between the City’s aspirations in the General Plan Framework and the comprehensive Zoning Code revision that re:code LA is undertaking. This series... Read more
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re:code LA as Explained by Popular Culture

Jun 10 2014
Body:     Keep using the 1946 Zoning Code!? Ain't nobody got time for that!           As you may or may not know, the City of Los Angeles has started a 5-year project to modernize its Zoning Code. We know... Read more