May 2014

All I Want for My Birthday Is a Shiny New Code

May 30 2014
Body: HAPPY 68TH BIRTHDAY, LA ZONING CODE!!!   Sixty-eight years ago this weekend (June 1st, 1946), Los Angeles officially adopted its Zoning Code. At the time, LA’s Code was quite the little starlet—at... Read more
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One Use Two Use Old Use New Use

May 27 2014
Body: Have you ever wondered where you’re allowed to raise chinchillas in Los Angeles? How about where you can manufacture Babbitt metal? Open a numismatic (coin collecting ... we had to look it up too)... Read more
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Roadmap Check: City Planning Commission

May 21 2014
Body: Congratulations to everyone who contributed to the development and review of the Zoning Code Evaluation Report over the past ten months. Since the project launched in June 2013, hundreds of people... Read more
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Thank You For Your Time and Attention!

May 15 2014
Body: Since releasing the Zoning Code Evaluation Report for public review on March 7, 2014, we heard a number of suggestions and ideas through the MarkUp system. We want to thank everyone who took the time... Read more

Minding Our Ds and Qs… What’s re:code LA really up to?

May 08 2014
Body: re:code LA is a five-year project to create a new, more streamlined Zoning Code for the City of Los Angeles. Given that the current Zoning Code was adopted in 1946, the document has continually been... Read more
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