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Looking for a one-stop shop for all of our reports, handouts, presentations, etc.?  Here you can download project-related documents and files as they become available. The official City Clerk file for this project is Council File Number 12-0460; any transmittals to the City Council from anyone other than the project team will be made available on that file's webpage.

Updated on 7/9/2013

For those that couldn’t attend one of our previous Listening Sessions, it’s not too late to weigh in! We posed the following questions to guide our discussion: How Could the Existing Code Be Improved? More Graphics? Flowcharts? Tables? What About the Procedures? Is it Easy to Understand How You Get Your Project Approved? What’s Been Built Recently? Buildings or Projects You Like? Ones You Don’t Like? Details! Projects in Other Communities? Development You Would Like to See in Los Angeles?

Listening Session Notes 2013-07-09-Listening_Session_Notes.pdf (476 KB) Video
Updated on 12/16/2014
Zoning Code Evaluation Report (Final) 2014-12-16-Zoning_Code_Evaluation_Report-FINAL.pdf (9 MB)
City Council Quarterly Update 2014-09-10-City_Council_Quarterly_Update.pdf (2 MB) Audio Video
PLUM Quarterly Update 2014-08-05-PLUM_Quarterly_Update.pdf (4 MB) Audio
CPC Supplemental Recommendation Report 2014-06-26-CPC_Supplemental_Recommendation_Report.pdf (2 MB)
Supplemental Staff Report 2014-06-26-Supplemental_Staff_Report.pdf (253 KB) Audio
CPC Recommendation Report 2014-05-19-CPC_Recommendation_Report.pdf (9 MB) Audio
Staff Report 2014-05-14-Staff_Report.pdf (4 MB) Audio
Zoning Code Evaluation Report (Draft) 2014-03-07-Zoning_Code_Evaluation_Report-DRAFT.pdf (8 MB)
Updated on 2/25/2015
Downtown Code Approach Report 2015-02-25-ZAC_Downtown_Approach.pdf (9 MB)
Zoning Code Approach Concept Presentation 2014-10-22-ZAC_Zoning_Code_Approach_Concept.pdf (6 MB)
Updated on 6/27/2016
Single Family Draft Zones Presentation to Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) 2015-10-28-Single_Family_Draft_Zones_Presentation.pdf (14 MB)
Single Family Draft Code Pages 2015-10-28-Code_Pages_Single_Family_R1.pdf (2 MB)
Single Family Zoning Strategy Presentation to Hillside Federation 2015-07-22-Single_Family_Zoning_Strategy_Presentation.pdf (81 MB)
Single Family Zoning Strategy Presentation to ZAC 2015-07-21-Single_Family_Zoning_Strategy_Presentation.pdf (92 MB)
Single Family Residential Strategy Presentation to ZAC 2015-05-27-Single_Family_Strategy_Presentation.pdf (8 MB) Video
Single Family Zoning Presentation to ZAC 2015-03-25-Single_Family_Zoning_Presentation.pdf (12 MB)
LA Historic Neighborhoods Conference Flyer 2014-10-18-LA_Historic_Neighborhoods_Conference.pdf (584 KB)
Updated on 1/9/2017
Proposal to Release WebCode Toolkit as Open Source (Council File 12-0460-S2) 2015-11-24-Proposal_Release_WebCode_Toolkit_as_Open_Source.pdf (4 MB)
WebCode Toolkit: Civic Technology Evolved Presentation to American Planning Association 2015-04-16-WebCode_Toolkit_Civic_Technology_Evolved.pdf (8 MB)
Project Website Overview 2014-01-15-Project_Website_Overview.pdf (1 MB)
Evolution of Online Zoning Code- WebCode Presentation to American Planning Association 2016-10-24-Evolution of the Online Zoning Code-WebCode.pdf (16 MB)
Updated on 10/14/2016
Downtown Code Update to CPC 2016-10-13-Downtown_Code_CPC_Update.pdf (9 MB)
Downtown Community Plan Policy Presentation to CPC 2016-10-13-Downtown_Community_Plans_CPC_Update.pdf (14 MB)
Downtown Zoning Code Options Poster 2016-10-03- Downtown_Zoning_Code_Options.pdf (4 MB)
General Development Standards Presentation to Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) 2015-12-09-General_Development_Standards_Presentation.pdf (3 MB)
General Development Standards Policy Presentation to ZAC 2015-12-09-General_Development_Standards_Downtown_Presentation.pdf (5 MB)
Downtown Progress Report Presentation to ZAC 2015-09-30-Downtown_Progress_Report_Presentation.pdf (4 MB) Video
Downtown Policy Presentation to ZAC 2015-09-30-Downtown_Policy_Presentation.pdf (5 MB)
Downtown Draft Code Pages 2015-09-30-Code_Pages_Downtown_Zones.pdf (2 MB)
Downtown Zoning Approach Presentation to ZAC 2015-04-22-Downtown_Zoning_Approach_Presentation.pdf (2 MB)
Downtown Policy Presentation to ZAC 2015-04-22-Downtown_Policy_Presentation.pdf (5 MB)
Downtown Zoning Approach Presentation to ZAC 2015-02-25-Downtown_Zoning_Approach_Presentation.pdf (9 MB)
Downtown Form Week Presentation to ZAC 2014-12-10-Downtown_Form_Week_Presentation.pdf (15 MB)
Updated on 6/27/2016
Multifamily Residential Strategy Presentation to Zoning Advisory Committee (ZAC) 2016-06-22_Multifamily_Housing_Presentation.pdf (45 MB)
Processes and Procedures Presentation to ZAC 2016-06-22_Process_Procedures_Presentation.pdf (1020 KB)
Processes & Procedures Presentation to ZAC 2015-12-09-Processes_New_Zoning_Code_Presentation.pdf (990 KB)
Current Zoning Code Processes Refresher Presentation to ZAC 2015-12-09-Processes_Current_Zoning_Code_Refresher_Presentation.pdf (1 MB)
Draft Proposed Processes Handout 2015-12-09-Processes_Proposed.pdf (567 KB)
Correspondence Table Between Current and Draft Proposed Processes 2015-12-09-Processes_Correspondence_Table.pdf (478 KB)
Quarterly Update to City Planning Commission 2015-08-13-Quarterly_Update_City_Planning_Commission.pdf (1 MB) Audio
Existing Entitlement Procedures Matrix 2015-06-24-Processes_Existing_Entitlement_Procedures.pdf (141 KB)
Current Zoning Code Processes Presentation to ZAC 2015-06-24-Processes_Current_Zoning_Code_Presentation.pdf (1 MB)
Quarterly Update to City Planning Commission 2015-01-08-Quarterly_Update_City_Planning_Commission.pdf (7 MB)
One Water Presentation to ZAC 2014-10-22-One_Water_Presentation.pdf (3 MB)
Planning 101 Presentation to ZAC 2014-06-18-Planning_101_Presentation.pdf (1 MB)
Overview of Department of City Planning Policy Presentation 2014-01-14_Overview_of_DCP_Policy_Presentation.pdf (5 MB)
Updated on 4/21/2016

We are ready to unveil the first components of our new Zoning Code! Below is the information that we provided at our 7 public forums for an up-close look: 

  • Public Forum Flyer
  • Overview presentation
  • Information station boards
  • Forum Passport (information brochure)

If you took part in our forums, thank you for participating. If you're new, welcome!


Para ayudar a familiarizarse con los primeros componentes de nuestro nuevo Código de Zonificación, a continuación se muestra la información que proporcionamos a nuestros 7 foros públicos:

  • Folleto del Foro Pública
  • Presentación General (En Inglés)
  • Tableros de Información de las Estaciónes
  • Pasaporte del Foro Pública (folleto informativo )

Si tomó parte en nuestros foros, gracias por participar . Si eres nuevo, bienvenido!

Public Forum Flyer 2016-02-16_Public_Forum_Flyer_English.pdf (8 MB)
Public Forum Presentation 2016-03-04_recodeLA_Public_Forum_Presentation.pdf (7 MB)
Public Forum Boards 2016-03-16_recodeLA_Public_Forum_Boards_English.pdf (8 MB)
Public Forum Passport 2016-03-16_recodeLA_Public_Forum_Passport_English.pdf (1019 KB)
Folleto del Foro Pública 2016-02-16_Public_Forum_Flyer_Spanish.pdf (8 MB)
Presentación General 2016-04-21-recodeLA_Public_Forum_Presentation_Spanish.pdf (6 MB)
Tableros de Información de las Estaciónes 2016-03-16_recodeLA_Public_Forum_Boards_Spanish.pdf (8 MB)
Pasaporte del Foro Pública 2016-03-16_recodeLA_Public_Forum-Passport_Spanish.pdf (1 MB)

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