This page is intended to provide an archive of various key documents and files that are related to the Zoning Code and may be useful in providing some perspective as we move ahead.  This information will range from officially adopted City files to interesting information that is related to the project, as well as zoning or the field of planning in general.


Current Zoning Code

The link above will take you to our current Zoning Code available on American Legal Publishing.

1946 Zoning Code

Curious about what our current Zoning Code looked like when it was first adopted.  Here is a PDF copy of our original 1946 Zoning Code.

1904 Residential District Ordinance

It's widely known in the planning field that the New York City adopted the first major zoning ordinance in 1916, but did you know that the City of Los Angeles was the first to adopt an ordinance that separated land uses?  On July 25, 1904, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 9774 which established Residential Districts, "setting aside certain portions of the City of Los Angeles as residence districts, and prohibiting the carrying on of certain occupations within such districts."  It wasn't until October 18, 1921 that the City officially adopted its first Zoning Ordinance (Ordinance No. 42666).

Know Your Zoning (November 1967)

This booklet was published by the City of Los Angeles in 1967 in order to better inform the citizens as to how zoning worked and how the Department of City Planning functioned.  A lot of what this publication covers is still applicable today, due to the fact that the parts of our Zoning Code that it refers to remains in place.

Concept Los Angeles (1970)

Also known as the Centers Concept, this document proceeded and heavily inspired our current General Plan Framework and continues to inform our Community Plans. This particular file is brought to us by Planetizen, which offers a great write up on the document.

Centers Definition Report (1983)

This is Volume I, Section II of the Centers Implementation Project for the Los Angeles Department of City Planning's precursor to the current General Plan Framework. There are a lot of very interesting concepts on the range and scales of development and uses throughout the City in this document, which is why we wanted to share it with you. We will post more of these Centers Concept documents to this page as we scan them.



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